TTCC Newsletter February 2023

Celebration! That’s the perfect name for our award night!  Free food and time to socialize with good friends is just the tip of the iceberg!  Members worked hard to attend ALL ride events (Iron Rider award), not once, but several times.  That’s perseverance!  Riders focused on accomplishments with their horses and were able to celebrate their successes! It was a gala for everyone attending.  Several recipients were shocked to hear their name called out, always fun to see them surprised. The Art Raffle was a first and it raised over $2000 – amazing!  TTCC offers multiple benefits to our members and the End of Year Celebration is our one gala honoring achievements and gifts for those working “behind the scenes”. Thank you to all those who participated in making it a success.  – Ann Stacy, President

Many thanks to the following, we could not be a club without the many who make it happen…


Karen Boone, Karen Pantel, Greg Dial, Bill Phillips and Kate Love Hollar.  Kate and Karen Boone are officially retired after their years of service as President and Treasurer.  Thank you both for jobs well done! We welcome incoming President, Ann Stacy and Treasurer, Tiffany Janke.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS – the unsung heroes of TTCC 2022

Webmaster-Peter Yovich

Photographer – Rhonda Fryer

Photographer and Celebration – Scott Butcher

Slide Show-Shirley Tarrilion, Nancy Fenimore, Leah Lynch, Jim Miller

Points System and Directory – Laurie Oehlerking

Ride Tribe – Doanna Daniel and Jean Brandau

Queen of Celebration Décor – Jean Wilson

Ride Pages – Annette Thurlow

Raffle and Celebration Art Show – LeeAnn Boore

Raffle Assistant/Celebration Runner – Katherine Mason

Prize Patrol – Suzy Tielke

Rider Patches – Lynane Plumlee

Newsletter – Gayna Smith

Mileage Tracking – Nancy Fenimore

Ribbons – Shelley Hilton

Christmas Ride sous Chef – Bambi Lang


Kate Hollar, Nancy Williams, Mary Ann Brandon, Mark Brandon, Shelley Hilton, Teresa Corgill, Karen Pantel, Devin Pantel, Karen Boone, Nancy Fenimore, Kelly Beard, Ginny Mayfield, Cheryl May, LeeAnn Boore, Jim Miller, Susie Walker, Tom Walker, Leah Lynch, Greg Dial, Ann Stacy, Kris Maley, April Baxter, Evelyn O’Hara,  Jean Wilson, Jerilyn Stanka, Tracee Casarez, Doanna Daniel, Sybil Eagan, Melissa Neal, Lissa Rabon, Annette Thurlow, Bonnie Pasko, Laurie Oehlerking, Carol Warren


Tiffany Janke, Annette Thurlow, Sharon Price, Kit Shadrock, Cindy Leatherwood, Marcy Stellfox, Nancy Fenimore, Leah Lynch


4 or more days …Tooter Smith, Shirley Tarrillion, Katherine Mason, Cathy Schulze, Scott Butcher, Kate Hollar, Nancy Kilgore, Leah Lynch, Devin Pantel, Eska Beckstoffer

10 + day Volunteer of the Year …. JIM MILLER

(we started tracking  volunteer hours in 2021 and award accumulative day pins)

10 Day Pin… Katherine Mason, Cathy Schulze, Eska Beckstoffer, Shirley Tarrillion, Tooter Smith

20 Day Pin… Jim Miller


Tenderfoot – Connie Standridge on Annie

Maverick – Kay Prince on Geronimo

Horseman – Lynane Plumlee on Fritz

Wild Card – Laura McLean on Vanna and Chief


First timers – Lynane Plumlee, Teresa Ingram, Priscilla Butcher, Connie Standridge, Tooter Smith, Devin Pantel, Laura McLean, Ginny Mayfield, Kim Gehring, Katherine Mason

Second Timers – Karen Pantel, Carol Warren

THIRD TIMERS! – Jean Wilson, Jim Miller


Tenderfoot – High Point – Connie Standridge on Annie, Reserve – Priscilla Butcher on Salem

Maverick – High Point – Kay Prince on Geronimo, Reserve – Devin Pantel on Gus

Horseman – High Point – Mary Marczak on Possum, Reserve – Lynane Plumlee on Fritz


Junior – 1st – Carolyn Smeltzer on Blue Bell and Skipper

Adult – 6th – James Corgill on Journey

              5th – Emily Gehring on Loki

              4th – Annaliese Scoggin on Akane

              3rd – Vicki Van Steyn on Pippa

              2nd – Alex McStay on Tamosi

              1st – Katherine Mason on Delilah

Senior   6th – Marilyn Dardenne on Ranger

               5th – Susie Jernigan on Echo and Heaven

               4th – Teresa Ingram on KK Lady Fantasy

               3rd – Kim Gehring on Josie

              2nd – Priscilla Butcher on Salem

               1st – Connie Standridge on Annie


Adult –  3rd   – Tracee Casarez on Fancee and Blazer

               2nd – Gina Stepchinsky on Jazz

                1st – Karen Pantel on Windy

Senior –  7th – Peggy Johnson on Kater

                6th – Nancy Kilgore on Sky and Chief

                5th – Brenda Hicks on Shiloh

                4th – Jim Miller on Buddy

                3rd – Shelley Hilton on Copper

                2nd – Tooter Smith on Fly

                1st – Devin Pantel on Gus


Adult –   6th – LeeAnn Boore on RC

               5th – Carol Warren on John

               4th – Mary Ann Branch Brandon on Maude and Remi

               3rd – Becky Cash on Skipper and Truly

               2nd – Lynane Plumlee on Fritz

               1st – Mary Marczak on Possum

Senior – 6th – Carolyn Mikeska on Scout and Chance

                5th – Isabel Dean on Doc

                4th – Linda Martini on Mate

                3rd – Jean Wilson on Renegade and Rio

                2nd – Kelly Beard on Joe

                1st – Teresa Corgill on Abby


Overall High Point Green Partner – Geronimo ridden by Kay Prince

Honorable Mention Green Partners by Division

Horseman – Dally ridden by Tiffany Janke

Tenderfoot – Princess Naiyir ridden by Barbara Knight

Overall High Point Working Partner – Possum ridden by Mary Marczak

Honorable Mention Working Partner by Division

Horseman – Fritz ridden by Lynane Plumlee

Maverick – Windy ridden by Karen Pantel

Tenderfoot – Annie ridden by Connie Standridge

Overall High Point Seasoned Partner – Abby ridden by Teresa Corgill

Honorable Mention Seasoned Partner by Division

Horseman – Skipper ridden by Carolyn Smeltzer and Becky Cash

Maverick – Gus ridden by Devin Pantel

Tenderfoot – Salem ridden by Priscilla Butcher


Sandra Ladd Award – Alex McStay

Jennifer Severson Award – Shelley Hilton

WRANGLER AWARDS – Experienced Riders and Mounts with under 18 months ride time

3rd – Barbara Knight on Princess Naiyir

2nd – Tiffany Janke on Dally

1st – Kay Prince on Geronimo


GOLD – LeeAnn Boore, Carin Bauer, Mary Marczak, Laura McLean, Alex McStay, Jim Miller, Lynane Plumlee, Debra Salmon

SILVER – Tracee Casarez, Kim Gehring

BRONZE – Priscilla Butcher, Ginny Mayfield, Brandy Steele


1000 mile – Carol Warren

750 mile – Becky Cash, Teresa Corgill, Marta Covington, Carolyn Mikeska, Ann Stacy, Tracee Casarez, Bill Phillips

500 mile – Carla Chandler, Devin Pantel, Nancy Kilgore, Lynane Plumlee, Kay Prince

250 mile – Katherine Mason, Priscilla Butcher, Peggy Sue Johnson, Teresa Ingram, Tooter Smith, Laura McLean, Evelyn O’Hara, Brandy Steele

100 mile – Connie Standridge, Kim Gehring, Barbara Knight, Megan Smart, Annaliese Scoggin, Carolyn Smeltzer, Alex McStay, Marilyn Dardienne, Peggy Barron,  Kerri April, Ilene Cooper, Haley Altomire, Carin Bauer, Ellen Hagert, Jane Holland, Dawn Fraser



While we are all gearing up for the 2023 ride season, remember that safety is EVERYONE’S job.  Keep these points in mind:

  1. We value all those folks doing two-legged jobs at our rides, such as judges and volunteers.  Any of them may be focused on doing their job for you, and some volunteers may not be “horse people”; respect their space at all times.  What may seem like a friendly nudge from your horse’s muzzle could knock an unsuspecting assistant off-balance, while a cozy closeness might result in a broken toe.  Not only is taking a bite out of a judge no way to win friends and influence people, but judges are allowed to warn you for unsafe behavior, deduct points from your score, or dismiss you from the obstacle with a no-score.  So please be aware.
  2. If your horse is a known kicker, or if you suspect they might kick when crowded on the trail or while waiting at an obstacle, please give your fellow riders the courtesy of letting them know; a red ribbon in your horse’s tail is NOT a mark of shame, but a fair warning.  Also, if your horse tends to be a tailgater, do whatever’s necessary to keep them from “brown-nosing”.

Thanks for keeping safety and courtesy in mind.  Let’s all make 2023 a great year for TTCC!

Here’s a little trivia for you…Rocky Road Year SEVENTEEN has come and gone.  Did you know that was the ride that started it all back in 2007?  And yes, Rocky Road ice cream was served then, to the 84 riders who showed up for Saturday.  The Sunday ride that first year was a DRIVING challenge…horses, not cars.  Congratulations to the Saturday night potato cookoff winning team, “TWICE BAKED” comprised of Katherine Mason, Priscilla Butcher, Nancy Kilgore and Leah Lynch.  Please enjoy their photo below, as their outfits and the tokens they passed around were definitely the “high” point of the cookoff challenge, prompting much laughter.  Thank you to Kate and Nancy for another great ride.

See you on the trail, Gayna