Rider is confident with horse on trail, no competitive trail ride experience for Rider.  Rider can complete primary skills listed in the Obstacle Skills. Riders should review the Rules to become familiar w/ TTCC protocol. 

The Rider’s division is selected at each obstacle by the rider.  You may choose to ride one obstacle as a Tenderfoot and another obstacle as a Horseman if so desired. You cannot ask that all instructions for each division for that obstacle be read prior to making your selection regarding the division for that obstacle.

Scout is a non-placing division. You will receive a scorecard for each obstacle, but will not be added to the daily awards/placings or to the year-end awards. This division does however go towards the Iron Rider qualification.

The Scout division rides the same trail and at the same speed as the other divisions. This is a great place for new rider/horse teams to get started in competition on the trail.