Terrain…negotiating the trail safely

Riders should be able to negotiate challenging terrain according to their division. This may include going through trees, water, mud, rocky areas, up and down transitions. Riders will not be asked to negotiate hazardous objects like wire or sharp staubs or stumps.

Logs: This is a forward motion obstacle. The Rider should look forward as not to off balance the horse (eyes should be forward between horse’s ears). Horse to look at an obstacle and proceed over carefully, avoiding striking the obstacle. Size of an animal relative to an obstacle to be considered by Judge. Small horses and ponies will not to be penalized for hopping very tall logs/step overs, if they otherwise negotiate the obstacle calmly and with deliberation. For consecutive, in stride logs/step-overs ride management will endeavor to select obstacles with are no higher than approximately 12 inches.

log_crossing01Rider maintains control of horse while letting the horse look at the logs. The Rider’s eyes are forward which keeps the horse balanced as he negotiates this terrain.
Photo by Jim Edmondson

Water crossing:
Horse should walk quietly through the water. Horses will not be penalized for stopping to drink. Horses will not be penalized for acknowledging the obstacle before entering it.

Horse should walk across quietly. No penalty for acknowledging the obstacle before starting to cross. Horse should step on and off the bridge quietly.