The rider is confident with their horse on the trail, with no competitive trail ride experience for Rider. Rider can complete primary skills listed in the Obstacle Skills. This class is reserved for ‘beginners’ to trail riding and competing. Riders should review the Rules to become familiar w/ TTCC protocol. Tenderfoot riders will only be allowed to drag while backing, keeping any object in front of them.

The Rider’s division is determined by the Rider’s skill,  not the horse’s skill. This is not a class for experienced Riders and green horses, but rather inexperienced Riders. Horses that have competed previously in higher divisions are eligible for this division if their Riders fall under the above guidelines as ‘beginners’.

Tenderfoot Riders that have placed 1st or 2nd in three TTCC rides (must have at least 4 in their age class) must move up to the Maverick level within that calendar year. They will take their Tenderfoot points earned to apply to their Maverick points for a combined Year End Awards total. This applies to Riders that compete on the same horse or a new horse.

The Tenderfoot division rides the same trail and at the same speed as the other divisions. This is a great place for first timers to get started in competition on the trail.