Mastering the following abilities will help riders negotiate obstacles successfully. This list is meant only to provide a reference for riders. Riders and horses may be asked to perform the skills in the left navigation bar and some of the following skills that will be judged at the ride:

  • Stop – responds to halt cues without argument.
  • Horse to stand quietly on level ground or a raised surface.
  • Execute all gaits calmly and as directed. All gaits natural to a breed are acceptable.
  • Horse can be moved laterally (side to side) mounted or in-hand.
  • Make turns on the forehand and/or the hindquarters.
  • Horse should be able to complete obstacles mounted as well as in-hand.
  • Be able to back a horse in a straight line and/or around corners mounted or in-hand.
  • All riders should be prepared for a tack check which includes halter or halter bridle, lead line, trail map, hoof pick, knife (for adults), helmet (mandatory for Juniors). All carabineers type clips should face in to avoid catching on objects.
  • Your horse should be clean and free of any debris that could cause rubs.
  • Horses should have well fitted tack, no rubs or abrasions from the tack should be evident. If using a back cinch it should be snug enough so a horse’s leg can not get hung up in it, same for well fitting breast-collar.
  • All horses will be checked for soundness prior to the ride.
  • Horses should not have a sore back or girth galls after the ride.
This Rider is side-passing into a creek. Notice the horse’s legs cross over in the front, and not shuffling.
sidepass_jcarroll sidepass_jcarroll01