Accomplished trail rider and horse team, can complete all skills listed on the Obstacle Skill. Is familiar with the Rules and can complete multiple tasks as directed by the judging team over demanding terrain and/or challenging environment with obstacles often timed. Example: 35 seconds to open and close a gate.

Maverick Riders that have place 1st or 2nd in five TTCC rides must move up to Horseman if they are riding the same horse; however, if they are starting a new horse they can remain in Maverick.

If you’re up for a challenge this is your division.

Trainers and Senior Judges are mandatory Horseman Division Riders. All riders have the same trail at the same speed. This competitive trail ride level is comparable to NATRC CP (Competitive Pleasure) or Open.

NOTE: The Rider’s division is determined by the Rider’s skill not the horse’s skill. Trainers and Senior Judges are mandatory Horseman Division Riders no matter the horse’s skill level.