A Texas Trail Challenge is divided up into three levels of difficulty and then into 2 age groups with a separate class for Juniors. Awards are given for each class up to 6th place. All divisions and age levels will follow the same trail with only slight deviation if directed by a judge to perform obstacles. Age groups are: 8 to 17 Juniors, 18 to 61 Adults and 62+ Seniors. A riders age for the purpose of determining category, shall be the rider’s age as of January 1 of the current ride year.

All obstacles are designed to be category appropriate. Each rider will receive directions geared for the division they are riding in. Safety is our primary concern (trail etiquette) and the judges can deem it necessary for the obstacle to be passed at any time. See Obstacle Skills for more information on challenges.

Competing Rider/Horse team:

  • The divisions are split into three levels of difficulty, then split into age level
  • All divisions use the same trail at the same speed
  • Tenderfoot – no competitive trail ride experience for rider, can complete primary skills
  • Maverick – experienced trail riding team, can complete most obstacles listed under “Skills”
  • Horseman – accomplished trail riding team, can complete all obstacles listed under “Skills” over demanding terrain and/or challenging environment


  • Junior Rider one day $47.00
  • Junior Rider two days $72.00*
  • Adult & Senior Rider one day $67.00
  • Adult & Senior Rider two days $107.00*

Along for the ride:

  • Buddy Riders accompany competitors on the same trail
  • Buddy Riders can watch the competitors from afar, keeping clear of the judging area and other Riders

Scout – Non Competitive Team:

  • Any member can choose to ride at any time
  • May choose any level obstacle
  • Will go towards the Iron Rider


  • Buddy Rider one day $47.00
  • Buddy Rider two days $72.00*
  • Scout Rider one day $67.00
  • Scout Rider two days $107.00*

*We have one and two day rides. Each day has it’s own set of Judges, classes and awards. Discounted rates apply to Riders competing both days.