Beyond the Trail Ride and the Obstacles (Jan. 2023)


          Who do you call when in need?                     

I have been asked to create bi-monthly articles focused on topics to make your equestrian adventures more enjoyable.  The topics will vary, plus they will be on the website for your convenience.   We hope you will find “Camp Life” useful and entertaining!    Enjoy your adventures with your horse!

I made it!

I got to the ride without missing any turns with google maps, and I am looking forward to riding with friends across some gorgeous countryside.  That is until …… as I am setting up camp, I realize I forgot _____ (insert any necessary item), OR I am all set up, a perfect little camp site, now my generator will not start! These things happen to all of us sooner or later – Yes, it has even happened to Jim Miller!

So, before you panic, resign yourself to a crappy ride, or pack up and go home. STOP, take a few deep breaths, and think about possible solutions. Missing a bucket, apple picker or snap and chain, try reaching out to your neighbors, they might have exactly what you need! Or reach out to the ride managers as they really want you to have a great time at the ride!

Now for generators, flat tires or dead batteries needing a jump & assorted other mechanical issues, I have a wonderful camp husband who loves to meet new (& old) friends and lend a hand.  Jim Miller, or as the WWW ladies call him, “Mr. Fixit”, will gladly lend a hand and try to help you solve any problems that may arise.  He does this because he likes to be of service and help others out, but if you feel the need to pay, his hand fits a nice cold beer! Just no beer on Sunday, we must drive home! 

NOTE: Some folks have insisted on giving $ for Jim’s assistance, he has asked IF you feel the need to repay his kindness with $, please donate it to the Military EOD charity. Your charity will impact our veterans.

Jim Miller   254 368-0599   in case you want to add his number to your contacts

See you out on the trail,

 Kim and Josie