TTCC Newsletter December 2022

Merry Christmas, friends!  Catching us up on the end of the year, including any news from the board, and upcoming ride managers.

Many of you suggested we hold a clinic separate from rides, that could occur on a weekend.  We now have a JUNIOR clinic scheduled Saturday at the end of March, as well as an ADULT clinic for the Sunday after.  Please remember, the JUNIOR clinic is intended for Juniors only, not adults or parents.  Of course, parents can be on hand to help or observe.  Please spread the word to your 4-H clubs, etc, to fill the clinic.  Hopefully, we will find new friendships forming among the younger riders and they will look forward to participating in future rides. 


CELEBRATION…This ride is full. Please contact the rider managers to be added to the waitlist.

ROCKY ROAD ICE CREAM SOCIAL…We are hosting a Potato with Toppings competition this year.  Get your team together, pick a name and make a plan! Management will provide bowls, plasticware and water/tea to drink.  Let us know your team name and who is on it.  We are so excited this has become such a fun group event.  (Type of potato does not matter, nor how it is prepared). 

Also, please remember to make all reservations for electric, cabins and primitive thru Ona at Parrie Haynes Ranch.

We will be letting Waitlist Riders in 30 days from ride, and Buddy Riders the following day, both as space allows. 



CAT SPRING FLING…Registration for this ride opens January 1, 2023.  Spectacular new trails have been opened, old trails have been upgraded, and we are very excited to have you come blaze them with us. All hookups have been reserved but you can contact Karen Boone or Nancy Fenimore directly to be added to the waitlist.  All of our obstacles will be created using natural materials and terrain.  The Saturday evening meal will be catered, please use the comment section when registering for the ride to indicate if you want the meal.  For further details, please visit TTCC.



We had our first BOD meeting for 2023! It’s a pleasure working with folks focused on TTCC’s present and future.  Our Christmas fundraiser was very entertaining due to Greg’s inventive ideas plus the crazy gift exchange, we totally enjoyed! I hope you will all take a moment to read my post, see “MEMO” under news tab on the website, it is honest and heartfelt, as your newly elected President. I am looking forward to the 2023 ride season! Be safe on the trails and have a very merry Christmas with your family and friends!


Year end membership stands at 210, 159 primary members and 51 family members.

2023 Patches are ordered and will be distributed beginning with Celebration, the last weekend in January.

2023 Membership renewal applications will be available at Christmas party in December and also at Celebration.  REMEMBER, individual memberships are now 30.00, and family memberships are 40.00, and may include grandchildren.  For some reason, I occasionally receive applications with 20.00 enclosed, please help spread the word that membership prices have been raised since 2022.

We are trying to improve email communication.  It is imperative that we have a current, working email in order for this to happen.  Please verify this with an application renewal. 

FROM JUDGES DIRECTOR, GREG DIAL…We are hoping to have “judges tips” each month, as they are contributed.  From Nancy Fenimore…’turn on fore, hind end moves…turn on hind, front end moves” and Greg added that we should think of turn on fore as a “pivot” and turn on hind as a “spin” maneuver. 


2023 Ride Managers will be receiving an e mail with the new Ride Manager Manual, Ride Sanction Form and Ride Webpage Form.  Since there are 2023 rule changes applying to Ride Managers, it is necessary to return the new Ride Sanction Form to me.  The new Webpage Form has updates as well, but it is not required to redo unless your ride information has changed since turning it in earlier this year.  The 2023 Ride Calendar, with all the new locations and dates, will be posted on the TTCC website, and it has already been shared on FB under the TTCC page.

Have you ever thought of being a Ride Manager?  If so, yet you have no idea where to host one, contact me.  I have information on several possible venues that would be happy to host one of our events.  RMs don’t have to commit to an annual ride; we have several RMs who are planning to only host every other year.  Being a Ride Manager is so rewarding! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. 

FROM TREASURER, TIFFANY JANKE…I would like to thank everyone for the opportunity to serve on the board as their treasurer!  The Christmas Ride was a huge success raising nearly $3,000 for the club! Woohoo! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the Club and had some fun!

Editor’s note:  Santa called…he was thinking of giving all club members a 2023 Calendar tee, whether naughty or nice…but Mrs. Claus reminded him they aren’t gonna be ready for Christmas.   But there IS news!  Included is a sneak preview of the long-sleeved shirt.  Short sleeves will be V-neck, mauve in color with a green and turquoise horse.  Prices will be $20.00 for short sleeve and $25.00 for long-sleeve, any size above XL will be an additional $5.00.  Email Kate at [email protected] with your order,  then you will pay for it to our treasurer, Tiffany.  Please make a note of Tiffany’s address…

Tiffany Janke:  851 County Road 309, Gouldbusk, Texas 76845

Remember, order the shirt through Kate and send money to Tiffany and please tell her it’s for a shirt. You can also use Pay Pal Friends and Family option to [email protected]  

Merry Christmas, Friends!  Gayna