MEMO from Ann Stacy

I am honored to be your President and look forward to being a part of continuing the BOD’s progress of keeping TTCC moving forward.

I was part of the 2015 exploratory group that created TTCC from the original TTC. Our responsibilities were to develop a CLUB run by a board for members. We developed job outlines and responsibilities for board members, election guidelines, rules, by- laws and various necessities for a membership driven equestrian focused club.

The exploratory group focused on a board of directors who followed established directives, listened to its membership, stayed transparent financially and informed members regarding debatable decisions. Two general meetings are held yearly with opportunities for members to speak and provide input. Those meeting dates are to be posted in advance to allow members who are unable to attend the same opportunity to provide input.

My first elected position was Membership Director with a focus on membership advocacy. I started the raffle and selling TTCC items to raise funds for EOY awards. We were very fortunate, that first year, to provide appropriate prizes. Every year the prize budget has improved! Plus, Kate (President) budgeted to provide free meals at Celebration! TTCC has experienced healthy financial growth.

During my first term as president, we focused on clinics for judges’ training and improving Senior Judge instruction. TTCC has the reputation for judging consistency. It took hours to develop the judges codes (others have requested copies of these codes due to its quality) used for judging. It is continually updated.

I bring the beginnings of TTCC to your attention as a reminder of HOW FAR we have come and WHAT is required to continue our progress. I strive to keep my finger on the pulse of our members, what will serve TTCC the best for the present and in the future. It’s vital to maintain the relational capacity that has served TTCC so well. It’s the heartbeat of our club and our desire to build the bond between horse and rider thru education that attracts riders to TTCC.

Greg Dial has the experience and training to step up our judges’ education. His clinics for judges and riders improves the overall TTCC riding level.

Ride Managers have received more attention and guidance since we first started in 2015. It was clear a Ride Managers handbook was needed to provide sanctioned expectations. It was published to provide RMs with necessary information required for consistency at ride events. It’s due to Karen’s focus on handling potential problems and helping RMs adhere to policy, that provides TTCC with successful sanctioned events.

Bill works diligently keeping records accurate for single/family memberships. He creates yearly patches, updates membership directories, distributes club shirts and updated rule books.

Tiffany has been working with Karen Boone to transition our funds and records with fluidity. Her job is one of continuous responsibility throughout each fiscal year.

When preparing to attend a scheduled ride, we look forward to the experience with our horse, socializing, enjoying nature and knowing we can depend on others if help is needed. How great is that!

I look forward to making memories with you on the trails!

Merry Christmas 🎄. Happy New Year 🎊🎈

Making memories on the trails, 

Ann Stacy 

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