November / December 2023 Newsletter


If you have owned horses very long, you have probably experienced that horrible sinking sensation when your horse is not where they are supposed to be! Brandy Steele experienced this at the Lost Concho ride in Llano when Echo broke away from the trailer and disappeared wearing a halter and a short lead. But horses will stay with or find other horses right? Well, sometimes, sometimes not. Brandy quickly called in reinforcements and her husband Kip arrived. They searched with a truck, an ATV, night vision binoculars, and a drone. Of course, everyone in camp was looking for Echo as well. After a long, sleepless night Brandy resumed the search the next morning to no avail. Fortunately, Echo was spotted about 3 pm on Saturday, high on a rocky outcrop. Maybe there is a mountain goat somewhere in his pedigree. Doanna Daniel, who saw Echo, immediately began hiking up the rock outcropping followed quickly by Greg Dial and owner Brandy. Echo appeared healthy, although slightly dehydrated and missing a rear shoe. The rescue crew carefully worked across the rocks and the ranch owner met them with a trailer. 

Perhaps a few lessons can be gleaned from this scary experience. Horses are fast, powerful, and sometimes do the unexpected. A panicked or frightened horse can be especially difficult. And lost horses sometimes want to hide or can become entangled in brush if they are tacked up. So, it is important to practice with all your equipment at home, including high ties, pens, and picket lines. An ID tag on your horse might be helpful. Cheryl Sofaly puts a Velcro tag with her phone number just above her horse’s hoof in case they become separated. Recent pictures of your horse from all sides can also be useful. Perhaps also consider teaching your horse to come to a whistle. When Doanna Daniel became separated from her horse while on a ride, she was able to whistle and have her horse return to her. What a great thing to teach your horse! 

 Everyone was grateful that Echo was found unharmed. Brandy was so thankful for all the support she received and that her story had a happy ending!                                                                                  


Board members,  Greg Dial-Judges Director, and Karen Pantel-Ride Director are dedicated to another 3-year term, and are running unopposed. Bill Phillips has retired as Membership Director and Mary Ann Brandon is running for that position unopposed since Teresa Corgill has withdrawn. Bill’s term is up as of December 31, 2023, and MaryAnn will take over the responsibilities as Membership Director effective January 1, 2024. Our president Ann Stacy and Treasurer Tiffany Janke will be serving their respective positions for 2 more years.   Dedicated and effective leadership is essential, and we are all grateful for your service!  Be on the lookout for an email from Tiffany about the election.


Glen Rose, Texas, had a foot of rain the weekend of October 28 & 29 so the Wyatt Ranch Wanderer ride was postponed until December 9 &10. The Fall Rider clinic will be held on Friday, December 8. Although the ride was originally full, some riders might not be available on the new date so contact Rhonda Fryer ([email protected]) if you are interested in this ride. Nancy Fenimore ([email protected]) is in charge of reservations for the Fall Clinic and has let us know that there are spots available in the clinic, contrary to what the website says.  


Our newest member Peter George Janke arrived at 6:46 pm Monday, October 9. The entire Janke family is thrilled, and mom Tiffany (TTCC Treasurer) and baby are thriving. 


Our new annual fundraiser. There will be a Christmas Dinner with gift exchange ($15.00 value). Leah and Kate will write the story!! Not sure of trail plan yet, certainly some shenanigans and fun on Saturday.  This does not count towards your Iron Rider.  Sunday riders are on their own. Saturday morning Trial Ride $67/rider. Remember, this is a donation to the Club to help with year-round expenses. We appreciate every entry/donation. We can’t do this without you!!  Meal: $15/plate.  The meal will include:  Chicken Alredo, Salad, Garlic Bread, Tea & Dessert. Contact Nancy Fenimore at [email protected].


A very special Celebration will be held at The Farris Wheel (across from Parrie Haynes Equestrian Center) on Saturday, January 27, 2024.  Awards for the 2023 ride season will be announced and presented, a silent auction will be held, and Fajitas will be served for a modest price of $15 for members and $20 for non-member guests.  Members are encouraged to bring their own celebratory drinks or enjoy the tea and water that will be provided. In addition to year end placings, special horse awards will be announced, and thank you gifts will be presented to judges, ride managers, and sponsors. Be sure and make your reservation for the evening on the website and if you need a campsite, check with Parrie Haynes.

The Celebration Silent Auction will focus on items pertaining to the Western Lifestyle.  Items can be art, home decorations, tack, clothing etc. There will be 8 -10 items selected for the auction out of all items submitted. Items not chosen will be returned to the original owner or kept and used as future raffle items.

The deadline for all submissions is January 1st.  You may send a picture of your item to Laura McLean via Facebook messenger or text to (254) 213-8019.

Upcoming Events

November 1st  –          Registration opens for Rocky Road –  February 17th  and 18th.

November 11th-12th  –     Salute  the Troops ride at C Bar

December 1st –           Registration opens for High Tail It – March 9th  and 10th AND youth and adult clinics on March 23rd  and 24th.

December 8th –                  Fall Rider Clinic

December 9th-10th –       Wyatt Ranch Wanderer, Glen Rose

December 16th –                 Christmas Ride 

December 17th –                 Judges Training

****Mark your calendar for January27th,  2024 ***            Celebration