One of the wonderful things about this club is the sense of ‘family’, and the friendships formed both at rides, and subsequent socializing outside of TTCC events.    As with all relationships, sometimes we share loss together.  In recent months, we have mourned the loss of our friend, ride manager and former treasurer, Karen Boone.  She fought a brave and quiet battle with cancer for many years, yet continued to show up doing life, with rarely a nod to the disease.  One of her concerns in her final weeks was finding good homes for her beloved pets and TTCC family stepped right up to see that her horses and dog have forever homes.  May you rest in peace, Karen.

Button May, Cheryl’s husband, also is now riding herd in Heaven.  Cheryl said it best in her note to this club, which is shared below, July 24, 2023…

“My TTCC Family, And ya’ll are Family!  Thank you for all the texts, emails, phone calls, and heart felt comments on social media.  This club is amazing at how much we generally care for one another.  Every time you reached out and said we were in your thoughts and prayers, helped us make it through another doctor appointment, hospital stay and procedure.  In the end, of course, not the outcome we prayed for, but I know, without a doubt, Button is the winner.  He is in a far better place, riding the best horse and rounding up strays.  Thank you for your cash gift.  It will help.  Love ya’ll!  Cheryl May”

It is a good thing to rejoice with those who rejoice and to mourn with those who mourn.  Pretty much the essence of our club.  RIP, Button.


Ann Stacy, President…   Hello, TTCC! Our fall ride season is fast approaching, ready or not!  I want to share a few general reminders to help you be prepared.

  1. Current coggins (paper copy)
  2. Tires and trailer are roadworthy
  3. Carry extra water for yourself
  4. Electrolytes – (people and horse)
  5. Update your first aid kit (horse and people)
  6. Sharpen your pocketknife
  7. Inspect your tack for weak spots, oil and clean tack
  8. Inspect saddle pads for wear and dirt
  9. Write down your horse’s normal pulse and respiration rates
  10. Replace flashlight batteries if needed
  11. Generator maintenance                 

We enjoy time with our friends, horses and nature!  It is best when we adhere to trail etiquette, be mindful of others performing at an obstacle and check with the rider behind you to see if you should wait prior to leaving the obstacle.  These courtesies create camaraderie and positive competition among members. 

The ride out sheet is needed to spread the riders out and avoid obstacle backups.  I encourage everyone to keep their “ride group” to 4-5 or less.  We understand folks enjoy riding trails with friends; however, backed up obstacles and large gaps between riders impact the ride flow and moving judges. 

TTCC rides are filling up very quickly, waitlists are the norm.  Ride Management appreciate members who contact them as soon as possible if they need to cancel.

“WHEN I COMPETE, I NEVER LOSE, I AM ALWAYS LEARNING” is a valid comment for TTCC members.  I hope the fall 2023 ride season is a successful one for you and your equine partner.  I’d like to thank the following volunteers…

Kim and Josie, for writing the Camp Life article below. It is relevant as we kick off this ride season.  Do not miss it, I know you will find it useful!

Thanks to Gayna’s efforts, we are enjoying our newsletter.  It is such a good way to be in touch and share information.

Thanks, also, to Laura McLean for working to have wonderful raffle items for you this fall.

One last note…our next general meeting will be at the last ride, Salute to the Troops, at C Bar in November. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the trails, Ann Stacy, President


HOG WILD…In addition to the TTCC raffle held the first ride of each month, we will be hosting a raffle for TETRA (Texas Equestrian Trail Riders Association).  This nonprofit organization helps maintain horse trails in parks all over Texas.  Raffle will consist of a free weekend ride (Sat/Sun) AND an electric site for next year’s Hog Wild Ride.  All proceeds are donated to TETRA.  Cost is 10.00 a ticket.  In addition to the TETRA raffle, a baby shower will be held for Thomas and Tiffany’s baby due just around the corner.  Some needed items are diapers, wipes, gift cards to Wal Mart.  She still has a lot of clothing from Miss Avery Jo, so necessities are appreciated.  We look forward to having a new little member of our TTCC family joining us in October!

CACTUS TWO STEP… There will be a TTCC raffle as it is the first ride of the month.  In addition, to the TTCC raffle, we are having a “Calcutta”.  Riders will be placed (on paper) in teams of 5, and each rider preselects 2 obstacles that count toward their team’s total score.  Ride Managers select the teams and our goal is to keep teams as even as possible.  Teams are announced Friday night at the Ride Meeting.  The top 3 teams will receive awards, and this is all in fun and has no bearing on year-end scores.  Winners will be announced Saturday at the end of the regular ride awards.  You are encouraged to ride with your team members on Saturday.  We understand that this is not always possible due to horse speeds and rider preferences, but it would be fun to cheer each other on throughout the ride.  The GOAL of this event is to get folks out of their normal patterns and meet new riders.  There will be a lot of new riders at our ride, so this is a great chance to mingle a little and broaden our horizons! Also, there will be a side pot going in the event anyone wants to bet on the teams.  Anyone can do the side bet but it’s also a chance for riders to bet on themselves.  The pot will go to the winning team, divided among its members.  If you choose to participate in the side bets, you will need cash.  More details will be included later, on the ride page, so stay tuned! We are so looking forward to this ride!

Election time is just around the corner. This year, the Membership Director, Ride Director and Judges Director positions are up for election. If you are interested in running for a position, please contact the TTCC Treasurer, Tiffany Janke. Future dates and timelines are to be determined.

Please enjoy the following CAMP LIFE article submitted by Kim Gehring, final installment of the series she began earlier this year

Home from “the Ride”, now what?

Home from “the Ride”, now what? (August 2023)

And, that’s all she wrote, friends. 

Stay cool and happy trails

Ya’ll get your ponies in shape, and yes, it’s hot!  Gotta get out early.  See you on the trail, Gayna

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