Did we have fun or what?? First (hopefully annual) Junior Clinic was held at Parrie Haynes March 25, with 16 Junior riders attending, accompanied by parents, grandparents and adult friends.  It did my heart good to see friendships form, and relationships between riders and mounts expanding.  BIG THANKS to Karen and Greg for all the hard work, good ideas, great format, interesting obstacles, as well as the practice challenge on a 4-mile trail with 6 obstacles.  A hamburger lunch was provided, and awards given out as well.  Thank you, too, to secretary Tiffany, and all of the above who served as clinicians and judges, as well as Kelly, Cheryl and Nancy.  Alex orchestrated a taco dinner potluck for the night before as well.  This couldn’t have happened without all the extra volunteers and especially the adults who got the kiddos there for the day.  Sunday followed with a full adult clinic, again managed by Greg and Karen, with Nancy as secretary and everyone working again in judge, clinician and volunteer positions.  We had 42 participants, many of whom were new faces.  Again, thank you Greg and Karen, for your hard work and labors of love to this organization. 


We had our first General Meeting for 2023 at the Smiley ride.  We had between 50-60 folks attending. Tiffany handed out information related to our financial status (see below), Bill updated folks on our membership numbers, Karen encouraged folks to consider being a Ride Manager for 2024, Greg provided information on the clinics for youth and judges, and I discussed the various ways of communication used by the Club.  The web site is the recommended manner to reach members, FB is not a primary source.  Refer to the website for updates and our newsletter is an excellent way to keep current as well. 

There were two clarifications of rules discussed.  Keeping on the marked trails is important for safety reasons (getting lost is not intentionally departing the trail).  Also, we provided the definition of equine professionals verses an equine instructor.

The BOD is here to serve our club and answer your questions, you may contact any BOD member if you have questions. We look forward to our next General Board meeting at Salute to the Troops in November!    Stay safe on the roads and enjoy your equine partner! Ann

Editor’s note:  I had the privilege of attending the Smiley ride this past weekend, and Carol, Karen and Devin did a wonderful job of incorporating Texas History of the area into the obstacles.  Specifically, the Runaway Scrape.  Our learning moment was provided by a young man, Alamo reenactor, and associate of the Texas Historical Commission, a veritable font of knowledge.  Thank you all for the extra effort, proving we are never too old to learn!  See page two for income statement provided by Tiffany. 

Happy trails!  Gayna 

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  1. What is the difference between an equine instructor and equine professional?

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