Getting Ready for a Ride (March 2023)

1. Clean & Prep Trailer

Oh boy, there is a lot that is involved in getting ready to head out for a ride!  So much that I will need to break it into multiple parts.

This is the way I do it – 1.  Clean & prep trailer  2. Pack for human  3.  Pack for horse(s)  4.  Load & Go. 

As you all know, Jim is very particular about the generators!  Ours were run this past weekend, just to make sure all was good to go.  REMEMBER to always use premium gas in your generators.  Jim says some of the additives help keep them running better for longer.  I like to start on the outside of the trailer, so I check tire pressure and air up any low tires with a small battery operated DeWalt air compressor.  I hate looking for the correct psi on the tire so I write it inside one of the side storage compartment doors in permanent marker.  If there is a Tie Blocker or any ropes hung on trailer I remove them also.  I also check the inside of the horse area to make sure old poop has been scooped and the area has shavings evenly distributed.  I know some folks don’t use shavings as it is a personal preference.  I think it helps with road heat in summer and if a horse wants to pee, it cuts down on them splashing.  I put in hay for the ride and check that water tanks are also filled up.  We have a 50 gallon tank mounted in the hay pod, another 25 gallons in our tack area, and Jim has a water tank that fits in his truck bed. The LQ on board water tank is also topped off.   I believe horses drink better if they have water from home.  Sometimes we take three horses, so we go through a lot of water.

Once inside the LQ, I like to spray and wipe down: shower, counter, sinks and commode.  I also make sure I have a few extra garbage bags, rags and that there is plenty of drinking water stored in the fridge.   I always check the microwave because sometimes we store a few things in there for travel and I have discovered a “science experiment”.  Yuck!  I check our closet to make sure we have emptied our cubbies and have room to bring out our clothes, and that Jim has enough beer for the weekend.  Our little tiny living room also gets straightened up, and so does the bed.  I finish up by vacuuming the floor.  We put down a carpet remnant and have welcome mats for outside and just inside the door.  It helps cut down the grit on the floors.

Coming Soon – 2. Pack for Humans

See you on the trail

Kim & Josie