Single & Family Members:

  • Rider/horse teams accumulate points throughout the year.
  • Points are awarded to all Rider/horse teams both for placing and completing a ride per division as seen to the right.
  • Texas Trail Challenge Club compiles all results for the rides.
  • Bonus points are awarded at each ride to the Maverick or Horseman Rider that has the highest score (High Point is awarded 6 extra points) and second highest score (Reserve High Point is awarded 3 extra points).
  • Ride Management, Ride Secretary and Judges are eligible to receive completion points if they have completed 3 rides within the same calendar year.
  • Horse and rider teams can move up or down in divisions and are eligible for year-end awards with accumulated points in the highest division they competed in. Each horse and rider team will accumulate individual points.
  • If a rider chooses to move down in divisions they will receive completion points for the division that they came down to.
  • Year-end awards will be presented at the last ride of the season.  Each division’s top Riders will receive awards 1st through 6th place.  An overall award of High Point and Reserve High Point will be awarded from accumulated points amongst all divisions and classes.

* Daily members can join TTCC at anytime during the year to participate in year-end awards.

Points per Ride Placing

Tenderfoot Maverick Horseman
1st Place 14 points 19 points 24 points
2nd Place 12 points 17 points 22 points
3rd Place 10 points 15 points 20 points
4th Place 8 points 13 points 18 points
5th Place 6 points 11 points 16 points
6th Place 5 points 10 points 15 points
Other/Completion 4 points 9 points 14 points
Each division is subject to being split into Adult and Senior classes; therefore, you may see two 1st – 6th places in each division on the Ride Results page.