7IL Mid-Summer Madness Update

Maddie and I spent the day at 7iL and are happy to report that the ride is a go!  There are some wet trails on our path but they are well packed and not boggy and most of our trails are dry and green and beautiful.  We took care to detour the ride around the worst spots.  There are a few places where you will need to pay attention and stay to the side of eroded areas but there are clear well packed cattle paths leading around these.  We have a great ride planned and look forward to seeing you all!!

Traveling to 7iL, the road from Bellville to 7iL, Mill Creek, is closed.  And by closed I mean gone, don’t go that way even though google maps says it is OK.  2429 is also closed.  From Bellville go south on 36 towards Sealy and make a right turn on 949 and follow it and then make a right on Mill Creek road.  The part of Mill Creek road between Sealy side and 7iL is open, some days they have a road closed sign off to the side of the road but it means closed past 7iL.  People coming from 1-10 follow your regular route in.

Parking at Royal Flush-
Electric sites are dry and good, including the area right past them if some primitive people want to park there.  We will have most people including generator people drive past barn and out into the parking area at the start of the red trail.  If you would like a quiet no generator area please turn right, away from barn area and park past the covered stalls and before the big gate in the area toward the start of the other trails.  This is the preferred parking area of the fox hunters  and David says he has seen them fit 20 trailers in that area.  The hay field behind the open stalls and round pens at this time is too wet and closed to parking, we do have sunny days ahead so we may be able to park a few rigs up at the front of this pasture if it dries out more over the next few days.  Thank you!

– Amy Martin

Peter Yovich